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Illustrator of the Petals from the Rose Series


Boris Stoilov

Boris Stoilov was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in 1962.     In 1989, he graduated from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia.  Since 1990, he has pursued his interests in applied graphics: printed advertising, layout design, and custom illustration. He has worked with a variety of publishers, including Hristo DanovHermesEdition les Intouchables, Michel Quintin-Waterloo, Steaua Nordolui, and Eduard Publishing House in Romania.


During his prolific career, Stoilov has produced over 2,000 book covers and many more full-color illustrations.  His work as a graphic artist and illustrator has led to his participation in many national and international exhibitions.  In 2013, Stoilov was awarded the National Bulgarian Award Konstantin Konstantinov (Illustrator of the Year).  

He currently works out of his home studio in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.  Varna International Publications is delighted to collaborate with this celebrated artist for the Petals from the Rose Series.  


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