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Kalin Tchonev, 1984

"I was delighted that, with each tale, the world itself seemed both to expand and to beckon..."     - Kalin Tchonev

My love for reading was kindled early on. Beholden to my parents and siblings, I learned to read at the young age of four and stepped out on my own into the inexhaustible world of literature.  My family library held my first encounters--numerous collections of delightful fairytales from around the world. 


Growing up in Bulgaria forged my unbreakable connection to the beloved tradition of Bulgarian folk tales. They fascinated me. 

I was absolutely delighted that, with each new tale, the world itself seemed both to expand and to beckon. These tales inspired my formative years, and now I wish to bring them to a new audience for the enjoyment of yet another generation.  These stories are those that I treasured from my own childhood, stories that I have enjoyed telling to my son, and now I am pleased to offer them to you for your enjoyment.  


To all future readers of the series Petals from the Rose, I wish a wonderful, imaginative journey!  As you travel through the pages and illustrations of our books, it is my hope that you experience the childlike delight I once felt and glimpse the beauty of the land and people from whence Beloved Bulgarian Folk Tales originate.  

The Tchonev Family, 1981
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